Blood test will be able to differentiate between calendar age and age, the risk of serious diseases will be avoided!



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Difference between calendar age and iAge : Often we calculate our age by calendar or year. As we age, our chances of being surrounded by diseases also increase. On the other hand, when we get younger, we are less likely to get sick. Featured in Daily Mail news report According to, Stanford University of America and Buck Institute for Research on Aging have discovered such a blood test, which can show the calendar age of any person. That is, according to the year, a difference can be made between age and iAge. According to scientists, iAge means any person’s chronic disease, such as inflammation (inflammation-burning), pain, heart related diseases and diabetes etc. With this unique blood test, scientists study the kytokines and immune system proteins present in the blood.

If after the blood test, a person’s calendar age is estimated to be 45 years and the age of 65 years, then it is proved that that person’s body is 20 years more old. This is happening due to inflammation i.e. chronic diseases in that person’s body. That person needs to be more careful. The concerned person should be more vigilant towards heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

what the experts say
Stanford University Prof. Nazish SayedIt has been told that all of us are getting old and we move towards death. But the most important thing is how we age.

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With the new blood test, we will be able to know how healthy we are able to stay as we age. We should be careful when there is a difference between Calendar Edge and iAge.

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These reasons are a hindrance in longevity
Pro. Nazish Sayed It is said that this study has shown that people who smoke, do not exercise and are negligent in eating. Their iAge increases. So follow a healthy routine. It can be improved by adopting a healthy lifestyle.

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IMMUNE  Boosting Foods इम्यूनिटी बढ़ेगी खाने में यह फूड्स खाएं


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