Corona epidemic had the biggest impact on the mental health of the elderly: Study



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Pandemic depression among the Elderly : The Corona Epidemic, which has engulfed the world for the last two years, has affected almost every section of the society in some way or the other. It has had the biggest impact, especially on the mental health of the elderly. In a new research done on the elderly, it has come to the fore that due to the epidemic, symptoms of many types of mental problems have been found in the elderly. of canada McMaster University The findings of this study were published in the medical journal ‘Nature Aging’. published Has been done. Researchers found in their study that 43 percent of adults aged 50 years or older experienced moderate or high levels of depression at the beginning of the corona epidemic.

Researchers at McMaster University Parminder Raina It is said that through this study an attempt was made to find out how the lockdown affected the health-related factors of the people. For this the team used telephone and web survey data.

according to the study
According to this study, factors such as caring responsibilities, separation from family, family conflicts and loneliness emerged as major causes of depression in the elderly during the pandemic. Not only this, the researchers also found that more depression was found in women than men, because most of the women also cited the barrier of care as a cause of stress.

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However, overall adults were found to be twice as likely to have symptoms of depression. Apart from this, depression was seen more in those days even in people with low income and poor health.

In this way, recognize the symptoms of depression in your loved ones
– Always worried Downhearted Live and tears come out in every talk.
Pessimists talk a lot, become hopeless about the future.
– always emptiness and guilty feeling be afflicted by
-Does not show interest in spending time together and also shy away from communicating.
– Gets upset and irritated very easily.

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-Lack of energy, walk very slowly, and feel useless.
-Doesn’t care about anything. Everything has been messed up.
Shows no interest in your appearance.
Disturbances in sleeping pattern. Either too much gold or no gold at all.
Showing no interest in normal activities.
– Unable to concentrate on anything.
Either eating too much or eating too little.
Often talking of death and suicide.

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