Dementia will now be detected in time, will help in treatment – Research



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Early detection of Dementia by blood test : Scientists have got great success regarding the treatment of dementia. Scientists have discovered a molecule that will predict the risk of dementia in time. According to the news report published in Dainik Jagran, now with the help of a simple blood test, this molecule can be identified and it will be detected 2 to 5 years before dementia occurs. Let us tell you that dementia is called amnesia in simple language, although it is not the name of the disease, but the name of a large group of symptoms. Apart from forgetting it, the symptoms which are there are like this. Difficulty in remembering new things, inability to understand logic, hesitation in meeting people, difficulty in handling emotions, personality changes etc. All these symptoms are due to brain loss, due to which problems have to be faced at every step in life.

Researchers from Germany’s DZNE and University Medical Center Göttingen have discovered a biomarker. It is measured at the level of microRNA.

What is microRNA protein
It affects the production of microRNA proteins. That is why it is the main process of metabolism of every living system. As a technique, its use is not practical. Therefore, the aim of the scientists is to create a simple, cheap blood test, which will be similar to the test of Kovid-19. And in view of the risk of dementia, it can be used in routine medical examination.

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Featured in Science Magn EMBO Molecular Medicine Study According to the data of, microRNA can be used for the treatment of dementia. Because it is too late to recognize this disease. Therefore, there is a need for such a test, which warns of the possibility of dementia long before it is confirmed. Researchers say that this research will open the way for such a new test.

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What happened in the study
Examining the data of this research done on rats, it was found that there is a relationship between the level of microRNA and mental health. The lower its level in the blood test, the better its ability to identify it. Its symptoms emerge suddenly in both the youth and the elderly. Their ability to recognize starts waning. In humans, when this molecule is more in the blood, memory loss starts. Its effect is visible in the next two to five years.

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