Diabetes increased in people after corona, now making eyes blind



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New Delhi. After the corona epidemic, the number of patients suffering from diabetes is increasing in the world and India. At the same time, now another disease is emerging rapidly in patients suffering from diabetes and that is increasing blindness in the eyes. Since Kovid in India, there has also been an increase in the cases of diabetic retinopathy, a serious disease of the eye. In this disease, the problem of blindness arises in the patients and if treatment is not done then gradually the eyesight goes away completely.

According to health experts, by 2025, the number of people suffering from chronic disease called retinopathy is expected to increase manifold. Former President of Endocrine Society of India and the well known Bharti Hospital in Karnal Endocrinologist Dr. Sanjay Kalra It is said that the number of diabetic patients is increasing continuously in India. At present, 7.7 crore people in the country are suffering from diabetes. At the same time, in some states it has become a part of normal life. Today this disease is running along with people like cough and cold. Whereas Corona has done the work of taking this disease from door to door. Today, patients of type-2 and type-1 diabetes are being found not only in cities but also in villages.

Since the corona, the patients of diabetes have increased and its damage is being done to the eyes. Image – Shutterstock.com

Kalra explains that due to corona, there has been a lot of release of counter regulatory hormone in patients which fights with insulin and controls sugar. At the same time, some people could not get medicine on time, due to this corona patients also got diabetes. Apart from this, the disease also increased with the steroids given to the patients. The corona virus got into the pancreas of people, this has also caused a lot of diabetes problem and now it is becoming effective in increasing retinopathy.

There are many complications of diabetes, but one of them which is affecting the most at this time is retinopathy. Apart from this, eye diseases which are happening due to diabetes include eye infection, dry eye or dry eyes, damage to the delicate nerves of the eye or due to leaking on the screen of the eye. Bleeding spots and causing blindness are also included.

Dr. Kalra says that one of the reasons behind the increase in retinopathy is that today the best medicines to fight diabetes are present in the market. For this reason, despite having diabetes, the survival rate of people has also increased, although the risk of retinopathy is highest in patients suffering from diabetes for a long time. In this, the patient gradually becomes blind and the eyesight is completely lost.

It is also necessary to control BP and cholesterol with diabetes.
Dr. Sanjay says that diabetes is the biggest contributor to retinopathy in the eye, but along with sugar, it is also important to control high blood pressure, cholesterol and obesity. Because by doing this the risk of retinopathy can be reduced by 30 percent. Dr. Kalra says that due to lack of exercise and excessive stress during corona, along with increasing sugar level, all these things have also increased in people. This is the reason that the patients coming out for blindness in the eyes are also increasing.

People don’t know they have diabetes
Health experts say that most people in India are not aware that they have diabetes. Despite the symptoms of diabetes, people do not get it checked up. It has been seen in most of the cases that people get diabetes or eye examination only after having any problem. They do not do routine checkups. Whereas people should get their eyes checked once a year and sugar twice.

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