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Hollywood Horror action movies in hindi list

Horror can be a polarising genre, and not everyone wants to know what the best horror movies are. While some just absolutely love the thrill of spooky stories, others can’t stand the fear they inspire. However, even those who do not love horror flicks tend to watch a few now and then. Whether it’s to test their nerves or because their friends or family love horror movies, there’s no escaping horror. This is exactly why horror movies are so popular. Whatever your reasons, you’re here looking for some suggestions on what to watch. Without further ado, here’s our list of the best horror movies on Prime Video.

Hollywood Action Horror Movies In Hindi Dubbed Full HD


Based on Stephen King’s novel of the same name, IT is a supernatural horror movie with a very interesting storyline. One can even say that it is a psychological thriller, as the shape-shifting clown, Pennywise, plays with the minds of the children he torments in the small town of Derry. Arguably one of the greatest horror flicks of all time because of its brilliant writing and acting performances. IT is definitely one of the best horrors on Amazon Prime India that you can watch.


You will be surprised to know that this is Ari Aster’s debut film as the writer and director. As in, it feels like something made by a seasoned director. The story revolves around a family who must contend with a mysterious presence that haunts them post the death of the grandmother. Toni Collette has done a wonderful job and keeps you glued to your screens because of her captivating performance. The movie has enough jump scares in between, but it is the eerie build-up to such scenes that makes it one of the scariest movies on Amazon Prime.


Now, here is one of the most underrated Indian movies of recent times. Tumbbad may not be an outright horror movie per se, but the mythological characters and unique storytelling gives you a unique taste of the genre. More than anything, it is the brilliant visuals and beautifully designed sets that will leave you speechless. The story revolves around Vinayak Rao (played by Sohum Shah) and his family’s pursuit to lay hands on the cursed wealth of Hasthar (a mythological monster).


A kind-hearted man tries to free a chained woman, Ruksana, a perceived victim of domestic abuse, only to find out that the things are not as straightforward as he thought. This is the premise of this brilliant horror movie from Bollywood. Starring Anushka Sharma in the lead role, this movie has a good share of jump scare moments, sending chills down your spine. Moreover, the great sound design and colour palette used for the visuals add to the experience, making it one of the best Hindi horror movies on Prime Video.


Here is a Korean zombie movie that did what World War Z (a Hollywood horror movie starring Brad Pitt) couldn’t. It made the tried and tested formula of zombie films more interesting through and through. Directed by Yeon Sang-ho, this movie revolves around passengers on a fast-moving train in the middle of a zombie outbreak. The movie can be also categorised as a horror-action movie, thanks to the number of amazing action sequences in the movie involving humans and zombies. It develops stories around side characters as well, and it’s hard not to care about them, which makes the movie more gripping.


James Wan is a master of creating horror movies and he proved this by building a vast universe around the central character of Josh Lambert (played by Patrick Wilson). Insidious is the first instalment of the four-part horror series and does a fantastic job of introducing you to this universe. Thanks to the brilliantly intelligent sound design and the sudden appearance of creepy ghouls in the story, this is one of the top scariest films on Amazon Prime.


The Conjuring is the start of another series of horror movies created by James Wan. He again brought in the brilliant Patrick Wilson to play his protagonist, this time as a demonologist named Ed Warren, who helps the Perron family to fight off the paranormal presence in their farmhouse. The most interesting fact about this movie is that it is based on true events, which makes it one of best Hollywood horror movies out there.


Part of the Conjuring universe, this movie revolves around the origins of the possessed doll, Annabelle. This movie had faced certain backlash because of the not-so-gripping storyline but once you get past the preliminaries, the good stuff comes up and sweeps you off the floor. Some scenes are genuinely scary, which may even leave you screaming involuntarily.


Next on the Amazon Prime horror movies list is the movie adaptation of another Stephen King novel, Doctor Sleep. The novel was a sequel to the cult classic ‘The Shining’, and this 2019 adaptation follows the same route. It has a slightly longer run time when compared to most horror films (clocked at 2 hours and 30 minutes) but the unsettling narrative is good enough to keep you awake at night. The story revolves around Danny Torrance (played by Ewan McGregor), who is a psychic who has faced mental trauma. He tries to save a girl with similar powers from the hands of a cult called True Knot, that preys on such children to prolong their lives. Now, that’s a riveting plot to say the least.

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