Men should not forget these 5 mistakes related to health, otherwise they may have to give up



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Men’s 5 Mistakes Related to Health : In today’s lifestyle, men constantly make many mistakes regarding their health, including their smoking and drinking habits, attachment to fast food, distance from exercise and non-active lifestyle of daily. is included. All these are things that men know are wrong and that will have a bad effect on their health. Still, they cannot get rid of all these bad habits. But do you know that people who do not have such bad habits in life, they also do some such mistakes unintentionally, which they are not aware of? This means that they do not know that this habit of theirs can cause some serious disease. How much trouble could this cause to them or their loved ones? They carry it with Take It Easy.

of news report I have told about some such habits of men, about which they do not know how harmful it can be for their health and these mistakes can also cause some serious disease in future. Know what are those five mistakes that men need to avoid.

Believed that there would be no heart attack
Most men believe that they cannot have a heart attack. Men worry about heart attack only because of their father or elders. But they do not know that they can also be at risk of this. Because if someone in the family has heart disease, then it can take hold of you at an early age. So don’t ignore your heart health. Heart attack occurs even at a young age.

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The mistake of taking snoring easy
Snoring while sleeping is a habit of many men. Although they consider it a common thing. But do you know that about half of the people who snore have a problem called obstructive sleep apnea. Snoring can do a lot more than disturb the sleeper near you. This disorder can hold your breath for a few seconds. In addition, it is also associated with heart disease and high BP.

love non veg and potato
Most men take non-veg and potatoes in their diet in excess quantity. There are very few people who consume fruits and vegetables in the required quantity. Doctors also suggest four to five servings per person for a heart-healthy diet. Eating good things like fruits and vegetables also reduces your chances of getting stroke, cancer or digestive problems. And at the same time it keeps your blood sugar under control.

avoid going to the dentist
Often men are grossly negligent in taking care of their teeth. That’s why they also avoid going to the dentist. While men also need to see the dentist regularly. Not only is this being said because it will reveal their teeth or mouth problems, but what will happen is that by examining your mouth, they will be diagnosed with diabetes, Crohn’s disease, lupus, and even lupus. That can also see the symptoms of things like leukemia.

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carelessness in the sun
Most men do not apply sunscreen on the skin in the sun. You should keep in mind that whenever you go out to prevent skin cancer, you should use a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 or more SPF every time. Most people never apply it on their face. Our skin works to protect us from harmful ultraviolet radiation, so men should use sunscreen to protect them from harmful UV rays. Any carelessness with the skin can cause skin cancer, discoloration and wrinkles.

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IMMUNE  Boosting Foods इम्यूनिटी बढ़ेगी खाने में यह फूड्स खाएं


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