Yoga Session: Do Kapalbhati to keep the body glowing and the digestive system healthy



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Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Both body and mind are satisfied with the practice of yoga. Indian sages have described yoga as the science of living properly. The meaning of yoga is also to bind in unity. Yoga benefits all parts of the body. Yoga also works on the mental and emotional level. Yoga is so powerful and effective that it even reverses the effects of bad habits. Yoga is a priceless gift given to the world for mental, physical, spiritual, spiritual and physical health. Doing yoga regularly is good for health. Some subtle practice is necessary before doing yoga. Today yoga instructor Savita Yadav taught to take care of one’s own health through some asanas in the live yoga session of News18. Along with pranayama, he also taught to do subtle yama and kapalbhati. Many diseases can be driven away by Pranayama. Be it any exercise, first do Sukshyam Yoga. These exercises make the muscles and joints flexible.

One should do subtle yama before practicing yoga. For this, first of all, sit on the mat by applying a posture. After this keep the waist and neck straight. After this, do inhalation and exhalation properly. Bring the body to the rhythm. Emphasize on the body as much as you are filling comfortable. This will gradually increase the strength and then you will not have to put much effort. Effortless exercise is right.

relax and meditate
After that close your eyes. Take all the attention away from everything and bring it only on yourself. Will inhale and exhale. Slowly bring your attention to the breath. Once again you can chant Om. Bring the hand in the posture of meditation and chanting the sound ‘Om’ can also recite any other mantra.

Kapalbhati Action
There are many benefits of Kapalbhati. It brings shine to the brain. Kapalbhati practice has to be done on an empty stomach. If there is any problem related to stomach, then this exercise is not to be done. People with heart patients should do Kapalbhati only with the advice of the doctor. Do not even those with acidity problem. Kapalbhati corrects the digestive system. Due to this, the blood circulation remains fine. If children have a problem of hunger, then it will be cured by this. The benefits of this exercise are many, but precautions should also be taken in it. Patients of Kovid should also do this exercise with the advice of the doctor. Kapalbhati is an essential practice. This should be done daily.

For Kapalbhati, sit on the mat in the position of Ardhapadmasana or Sukhasana. Along with this, keep the waist and neck straight. It is very important to keep it straight. You have to exhale by applying force in it. Accelerate it slowly. By this practice, all the mucus that remains inside the windpipe comes out.

After this practice, meditate in the same posture and feel the practice you have done so far. Keep in mind that always keep the waist and neck straight during this exercise. There are many benefits of this practice. Now slowly inhale and exhale. If you want to do this exercise for weight loss, then do this exercise for 10-10 minutes. Others practice according to your ability.

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Now after this exercise again keep the waist and neck straight. In a very relaxed posture, pull the stomach inwards and then take a long breath. After this, the breath is to be exhaled very comfortably and when the breath is completely released from the stomach, then stop breathing in this posture for one minute. Keep in mind that the breathing in the stomach does not stop even a little. The stomach should stick to the inside. Do not let the breath come in and hold the breath.

After this exercise come in relax mode. After a while straighten the leg forward. Then, keeping the leg straight, pull one leg towards you and keep the other leg bent forward. Then pull the other leg forward. Keep doing this sequence like cycling. If you are not able to keep the waist straight, then take your back with your hands. Now after this move the foot in a circular path. There are many benefits of this practice. It strengthens the feet, knees and ankles. After this, bend the knees inside the hands and inhale and exhale.

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handing over
Now we will do the next part of Pranayama. In this, forward and backward exercises will be done for body movement. In this, Hastotan posture and foot hastasana will be done. In this you will stand on the mat. Will keep the hand on the waist. Now we will lift one leg forward according to the capacity and then lift the other leg. During this, you will inhale while raising your legs and then exhale while lowering your legs. Do the same action with the other leg as well. This exercise will also be done by turning the feet towards the backward.

Now they will relax and lift both the hands upwards. Then keeping the waist and neck straight, bend the hand in the toes and entangle it. Then in the same way, while moving the waist backwards, the hand will also be taken backwards. Then while bending forward, you will bring the hand towards the foot. This exercise can be done 10-10 times.

Ujjayi Pranayama
In this pranayama, now you have to sit on the mat. Relax and keep the waist and neck straight. Now take the neck comfortably on one side, then bring the neck undone, then fold the neck on the other side and then bring it back to the resting position. In this way repeat it many times. If you are not able to do Ujjayi Pranayama, then caress the breathing tube or do it like a massage. Ujjayi Pranayama is considered very good for thyroid patients. This practice also purifies the blood.

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