Yoga Session: Learn well how to do these 2 yogasanas, the body will always be healthy



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Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: It is very important to do regular yoga for better health. By exercising daily, diseases stay away and you will also feel fresh. Today, Yoga instructor Savita Yadav taught how to take care of one’s own health through easy exercises in News18’s live yoga session. Come, let us know what small exercises you can do to keep the body fit. Also know the right way to do Kapalbhati and Titli Asana.

First of all, practice breathing for a while and meditate and calm the mind. After this, yoga instructor Savita Yadav, while preparing the body through some subtle exercises, also told some important things related to yoga. First you practice Kapalbhati in 3 sets and then some more yoga practice.

Kapalbhati is very energetic upper abdominal breathing exercise. Kapal means brain and Bhati means cleanliness means ‘Kapalbhati’ is that pranayama by which the brain is clean and in this condition the functioning of the brain operates smoothly. Well there are other benefits of this pranayama as well. It is very beneficial for liver kidney and gas problem. To do Kapalbhati, sit in any meditative posture, sukhasan or chair, keeping the spine straight. After this, exhale as fast as possible through both the nostrils of the nose. At the same time, compress the stomach inward as much as possible.

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butterfly seat
To do Titli asana or Butterfly posture, sit with your legs extended in front of you, keep the spine straight. Bend the knees and bring both the legs towards the pelvis. Hold both your feet tightly with both hands. You can place your hands under your feet for support. Try to bring the heels as close to the genitals as possible. Take long, deep breaths, while exhaling, press the thighs and thighs towards the ground. Start moving both the legs up and down like the wings of a butterfly. Speed ​​up slowly. Breathe in and exhale. Do this as much as you can in the beginning. Gradually increase the exercise.

Immediately after this, the breath is drawn in through both the nostrils and allows the stomach to come out as far as possible. This action can be done up to 500 times by increasing the strength and requirement gradually from 50 times, but do not do more than 50 times in a sequence. Increase the sequence gradually. It can be done for a minimum of 5 minutes and a maximum of 30 minutes.

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Keep in mind that the practice of yoga has to be done according to your ability. During this, it is very important to follow the special rules related to breathing and exercise. Along with this, it is also necessary to take the right nutrition in the right amount. You can easily take care of your health only through subtle exercises. Along with this, you can also prepare your body for big asanas.

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