Bigshots App new web series Jabran review

Complete information Bigshots App new web series Jabran.

Thanks for visiting my website. A new web series has been seen on the Bigshots OTT platform. The name of this web series is Jabran. Bigshots App new web series Jabran review is very awesome.

You will get complete details about the Jabran web series in this post, like where to watch it, who is the main actor and actress, and when its release date. In this post, we will talk about the story of the web series, we will also talk about the performance of all the actors and actresses in this web series.

9 episodes have been seen in the Jabran web series. Its first episode was seen on 11 January 2024. After that, some more episodes were seen on 15 January 2024. By doing this, Jabran’s web series was seen in three parts.

How to watch the Jabran web series?

The complete process of how to watch the Jabran web series is given below.

  • First download the Bigshots App from Play Store.
  • In the second process, log in to the Bigshots App by giving your email ID.
  • The third process is to take a subscription to this app. After taking its subscription, you can watch every new web series that comes in it.

Jabran web series story.

Complete information about the story of Bigshots App’s new web series Jabran is given below.


In the first episode, it is seen that Sagar gets promoted to a big post but his girlfriend is not at all happy about the promotion as he is posted in a very distant village. Sagar promises to marry his girlfriend and makes her happy. Sagar proposes to his girlfriend for marriage by giving her a ring.


In the beginning of this episode, it is seen that Sagar leaves for his work and after going to the village, he finds that the land in the village has become too bad for farming. At that time he saw that there was a tradition going on in the village to use the land for farming. Sagar goes and makes the villagers understand that all this is wrong. But the villagers do not listen to him at all and they follow that tradition. Gunjan and Sagar, a girl from that village, make the villagers understand why it is not raining here and how the land can be used for farming.


In episode 3, it is seen that Sagar falls deeply in love with Gunjan, a girl from that village. Gunjan goes and expresses her love to Sagar. Sagar also accepts her love.


Seeing Sagar’s good work, his company doubles his payment but states that he must stay and work in this village for 2 years. Sagar tells this to his mother and asks his girlfriend Radhika to convince him. Sagar meets the village Sarpanch and tells him that he needs his help to develop new farming techniques in the village. But the Sarpanch does not listen to Sagar at all and tells him that I will talk about it after coming here.

Sarpanch’s sister Rajjo talks to her brother to marry Sagar. Sarpanch calls Sagar and talks about marrying him to Rajjo but Sagar refuses. The Sarpanch of that village forcibly marries Sagar with his sister because it is already known in that village that anyone can marry anyone forcibly.


At the beginning of this episode, we see Sagar’s mother and his girlfriend Radhika coming to his village and both of them come to know that Sagar has married a girl from the village. His girlfriend is very upset with Sagar. gets angry and walks away.


Rajjo repeatedly threatens Sagar that he will tell his brother that your mother and girlfriend have come here but Sagar tells Rajjo not to do this. Rajjo asks his brother Sarpanch to marry Radhika but Sarpanch says that he will marry me but Rajjo says that you will forcefully marry him whether he agrees or not.


In this episode, it is seen that the Sarpanch marries Radhika. Sagar’s mother understands Sagar that we cannot do anything about what has happened, hence you move ahead in your life, whereas Radhika has also moved ahead in her life.


Sagar sees Rajjo with another man and makes a video of it. Sagar goes to the Sarpanch and tells everything about his sister. Sagar finds out at the Sarpanch’s house that the Sarpanch has forcefully married Radhika. There Sagar tells everything to Radhika about how the Sarpanch has forced his sister to marry him.


After all, it is seen in the episode that Sagar sends Rajjo to his house. There Radhika forcibly brings Gunjan for marriage. Sagar calls Gunjan’s father and tells him that your daughter is being forcibly married to an old man today. That old man is none other than Moti, Sagar’s house servant. The Sarpanch is very saddened to see Gunjan marrying like this.

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Bigshots App new web series Jabran review.

Bigshots App OTT Platform is a new OTT platform. Not many web series have been seen in it yet. A new web series has been seen on this OTT platform named Jabran. I have watched this web series completely. Three lead actresses are seen in this. In this, an old actress Pihu Singh has been seen and two new actresses have also been seen along with her.

Talking about the story of this web series, the story is very good according to me. In this, we can see the story of some old tradition. In this web series, the old practice of forced marriage is shown.

Talking about the acting of all the actors and actresses in this web series, everyone’s acting is very good. In this, we also got to see very good scenes. The scene seen with the new actress is on a completely different level.

From my side, this web series will get three stars out of 5, one star for its story. The second star is for the casting of a new actress and the third star is for the scene shown in it.

Ratings:- ⭐⭐⭐

Bigshots App new web series Jabran review

Jabran web series cast name with real name.

  1. Pihu Singh( As Rajjo)
  2. Mahi Mahina( As Radhika)

Jabran web series biography.

Complete details about the Jabran web series are in the table below.

Web Series NameJabran
GenreDrama, Romance
OTT AppBigshots
Directed ByUpdate Soon
Release Date11th January 2024
Main CastPhihu Singh
Episode9 No’s
Duration3 hours
Hit Or FlopAverage

Where can we watch the Jabran web series?

Jabran web series which will be seen on Bigshots OTT platform.

How many episodes can be seen in the Jabran web series?

9 episodes are being seen in the Jabran web series.

Who is the lead actress in the Jabran web series?

Pihu Singh is seen as the lead actress in the Jabran web series.

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