Ullu new web series Chahat Review

Ullu new web series Chahat Review

A review of the web series Chahat of Ullu OTT platform. Aliya Naaz will be seen as the lead actress in the Chahat web series.

Ullu new web series Chahat.

Thank you for visiting my website. You will get complete information about the new web series Chahat released on the Ullu OTT platform in this post.

In this post, you will get complete details about this Chahat web series like on which OTT platform to watch it. Who is the lead actor and actress in this? You will also get to know about its story.

The Chahat web series will be seen in two parts, the first part of which has already been seen. We will get to see its second part very soon. In this, everyone’s favorite Aliya Naaz is seen as the lead actress.

Chahat web series full story.

Complete details about the story of the Chahat web series are given below.

Episode:- 1

We get to see the first episode of the Chahat web series. An old man whose wife is dead. He has a maid in his house who has to take great care of him. The maid is to make him understand that life is not over yet.

Maid: After some time he calls his boyfriend. And talks with him on video call in the call. At that time the owner of the house arrives and catches him red-handed doing wrong things and listens to him talk a lot.

The owner of that house, his old friend Raj, calls him. After a few days, Raj along with his daughter Riya i.e. Aliya Naaz comes to visit Dev’s house. Raj tells Dev that he has some emergency work so he cannot take Riya with him. That’s why he wants to leave Riya in this house. Dev agrees to this.

Episode -2

Episode 2 In the beginning, Riya calls her boyfriend to the house but after some time Dev wakes up and goes to Riya and asks her that there is a lot of noise coming from your room but Riya refuses and says no, it is nothing like that. Priya tells Dev that I will take good care of you as long as I am there and makes Dev do yoga.

Episode -3

In the beginning of episode 3, Dev hears the sound of something falling in the house, as he goes there he sees that some man is going into Riya’s room, following him, he sees that he is none other than Priya’s boyfriend. Dev sees everything happening with Riya and her boyfriend.

Dev deliberately asks their housemaid in front of Riya that did something happened in the house last night. I was hearing a lot of noises as if someone had come into the house. And I want to ask that you did not hear anything, did any theft happen in your house yesterday?

Riya has a lot of plans to make Dev fall in love with her. But Dev is staying away from Riya because she is his friend’s daughter. The further story of this Chahat web series will be known in its second part. The story known so far is from its first part.

Chahat web series review.

After watching the first part of the Chahat web series of the Ullu OTT platform, I felt that this web series is not that good. There is no scene at all in this but Aliya Naaz can be seen in it. But even such a good scene of Aliya Naaz is not seen in this. But his acting is very good. And the acting of all the actors is fine but the story is not that good and could have been a little better.

From my side, this “Chahat” web series will get two stars out of 5. Ratings: ⭐⭐

Chahat web series Cast name with real name.

The complete information about the actors and actresses we got to see in the first part of the Chahat web series is given below. The names of all the actors and actresses in the web series along with their real names are given.

  • Aliya Naaz( As Riya)
  • Anita Jaiswal(As Maid)
  • Santosh Kumar(Dev)
  • Biprojit Roy(As Raj)
  • Sunit Kumar(As Riya Boyfriend)

Chahat web series full biography.

Complete details about the Ullu OTT platform’s new web series Chahat Ka are given below.

Web Series NameChahat
GenreDrama, Romance
OTT PlatformUllu App
Directed ByAFI
Release Date28th Nov 2023
Main CastAliya Naaz
Episode3 No`s
Hit or FlopAvarage
Ratings2 Star(⭐⭐)
LanguageHindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali
Chahat web series full biography


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Where can you watch the Chahat web series?

Chahat web series which will be seen on Ullu OTT platform.

Who is the lead actress of the Chahat web series?

The lead actress of the Chahat web series is Aliya Naaz.

When is the release date of the Chahat web series?

The release date of the Chahat web series is 28th November 2023.

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